Class Descriptions


This is an introduction to creating and incorporating an effective and ongoing mindfulness practice in all aspects of your life. This 5-week class (1 hour each week) is appropriate for beginners as well as anyone who want to refresh the fundamentals of their practice.

In this class you will learn to enhance your performance with improved emotional intelligence, motivation, and social skills. You will also reduce your stress and gain more happiness. Here is what you will learn:

  • Overview of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness of the Body
  • Obstacles to Mindfulness
  • Working with Difficult Emotions
  • Cultivating Positive Emotions
  • Working with Difficult Thoughts
  • and more


This class (1 hour each week) offers a natural next step for those who have completed our Mindfulness Lab class or have taken a class on mindfulness meditation elsewhere. Build on your understanding of mindfulness meditation and the insight that arises out of this practice. We will explore the benefits of a growing meditation practice as well as common obstacles that come up in meditation, integration into daily life and continued support for your daily practice.


The primary focus of this class is to learn effective skills for managing stress while it’s happening. We’ll focus less on meditation and more on how to respond to strong emotions and difficult thoughts in the moment. By the end of this 5-week course (1 hour each week) you will be introduced to an array of mindfulness or self-compassion skills and techniques to help you identify the thoughts and feelings causing distress and to select most helpful skill to help become more responsive and resilient right when you need it.


This class (1 hour each week) explores the use of mindfulness within the context of creativity and writing.

Led by Amy Spies, an experienced practitioner of mindfulness meditation as well as a professional writer/producer with extensive work in television, film and other media outlets, this group will explore the nuance of writing from the deeply connected space of mindfulness.

The class will consist of:
-Mindfulness Meditation practice.
-Open Sharing.
-Creative writing exercises.
-Sharing of individual written work and developing projects.

Please note that this is NOT a writing class. There will be space to explore our own work and share – however, this should not be construed as anything other than a safe place to explore one’s own connection to the “muse.”


MSC is an 8 week course (2.5 hours each week) with a half-day retreat, that teaches you how to:

• DECREASE anxiety

• DECREASE depression and stress

• INCREASE relationship satisfaction

• INCREASE healthy habits like diet and exercise

• INCREASE emotional wellbeing

MSC, a researched-based program, is an adventure and an experiment in self-discovery and self-transformation. You will learn over 25 simple ways that will enable you to call on your own inner resources to soothe yourself in times of stress or pain.


Using mindfulness, meditation, and visualization, as well as creativity exercises, this 5-week class (1 hour each week) invites students to experience limitless creativity for application in whichever medium of expression they choose. The focus of the class is to open the channels of creativity through mindfulness and meditation, while learning to overcome self-judgment, and develop skills to use in practice.

Students who are involved in the performance arts (actors, musicians, singers, dancers) as well as other artists (painters, illustrators, designers, and writers) will find this class useful as a way to get in touch with their “instrument” and deepest sense of self-expression.

This class will engage and inspire while encouraging individuality and sharing.