Mindful USC Mobile App

The Mindful USC app is forever free and has:

  • guided meditations (including the meditations for our Mindfulness Lab), that help you:
    • Manage Difficult Emotions
    • Concentrate Better
    • Sleep
    • Manage Physical Pain
    • Be Nicer to Yourself
    • Gain Resilience
    • and much more
  • a meditation timer
  • you can “Check-In” to get meditations tailored to your current mind and heart
  • track your journey
  • find practice groups
  • sign up for Mindful USC classes (when they are open for registration)
  • and more.

Accept notifications when you download the app and you’ll be notified through the app when new classes are available.

You can find the Mindful USC app in the iTunes and Google Play stores – just search for Mindful USC, or use these links:

or use these QR codes:

iTunes Store
Google Play Store

Any questions – contact us