Mindful USC Ambassadors – Apply

The Mindful USC Ambassadors program is designed for students interested in deepening their own mindfulness practice and wanting to encourage the practice of mindfulness among other students at USC. Once accepted, Mindful USC Ambassadors participate in several ways, including helping to spread the word about Mindful USC, building communities, doing presentations on mindfulness and helping with events.

Mindful USC Ambassadors know how to explain mindfulness to others and are knowledgeable about the various mindfulness offerings on campus. They are comfortable sharing their personal practices with others, available to represent Mindful USC in events such as the involvement fair, and willing to make announcements to student-led groups on campus.

The Mindful USC Ambassadors program is part of Mindful USC, which is a university wide resource to make a positive change in the world by building a USC culture of mindfulness and compassion.

To apply to be a Mindful USC Ambassador, simply fill out this form: