Date(s): Mar. 2 - Mar. 30
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Tuesdays)

CLICK! during covid

In this 5 week non-credit discussion group open to all USC students, we’ll learn to CLICK —a framework for nurturing the relationships with ourselves and each other that promotes thriving. CLICK stands for: Connecting As Is, Listening, Investigating, Caring, and Keeping In Touch. We will unpack key themes and questions together, using our own experiences to explore our social relationships and next steps.

Specifically, we will become more aware of our:

Connecting stories
Vision for our relationships
Strengths and obstacles in connecting
Practices and habits that cultivate connection
Potential to connect through our current spaces, networks, and schedules

Week 1: Connecting As We Are: Our Social Story + Authenticity

Where are you in your social story, and how have your relationships changed during COVID?
What does it mean to be authentic, and what gets in the way?

Week 2: Connecting Where We Are: Creating Belonging Maps + Friendship Inventories

Where are you already connected, how do you decide where to invest energy, and what are the mechanics of making + deepening connections?
What do you bring to your friendships, and what are you looking for in a friend right now?

Week 3: Listening + Investigating with Curiosity

What does it look like to practice relational presence by listening to ourselves + each other?
How do we build trust + joy through open-ended, sincere questions?

Week 4: Communicating Kindness + Vulnerability

How do we express and receive kindness, and how do we show it to ourselves?
What does it mean to be vulnerable + how do we set good boundaries + deal with unkindness?

Week 5: Keeping in Touch, Making Time + Habits for a Lifestyle of Meaningful Connection

What practices + mediums support us in keeping in touch, and which detract?
What habits do we want to explore forming that support a lifestyle of connecting?

Location and Time: Tuesdays, 5pm-6:00pm, online

Teacher: Cat’s mission is to disrupt a national loneliness crisis with friendship and belonging in our 3 feet of influence and daily grinds. She’s the Director of Belonging at USC ( and Founder of Connectors Universal, a consultancy that designs pilot projects in belonging with visionaries across industries, from coffeeshops to the department of defense. Cat studied philosophy at USC and the University of Edinburgh, UK, is writing her first book on belonging, and can’t get enough skateboarding with her superhero son, Noah.




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"CLICK! during covid"
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