Date(s): Mar. 1 - Mar. 29
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Mondays)

Mindful Creativity

Using mindfulness, meditation, and visualization, as well as creativity exercises, this 5-week class (1 hour each week) invites students to experience limitless creativity for application in whichever medium of expression they choose. The focus of the class is to open the channels of creativity through mindfulness and meditation, while learning to overcome self-judgment, and develop skills to use in practice.

Students who are involved in the performance arts (actors, musicians, singers, dancers) as well as other artists (painters, illustrators, designers, and writers) will find this class useful as a way to get in touch with their “instrument” and deepest sense of self-expression.

This class will engage and inspire while encouraging individuality and sharing.

Class Information: This class will meet 4 times – 3/1, 3/8, 3/15 and the 3/29.

Connection Information:  You will get connection information from the teacher prior to the first class.

Teacher: Michael Krass is a long-time meditator and mindfulness practitioner, who has taught acting, coached performers, professional speakers, and writers, in the USA and in Europe. His passion for unlocking the creative process in others comes from his vast professional background, as well as a deep commitment to the mindfulness practices of awareness, compassion, and sensitivity.

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"Mindful Creativity"
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