Mindful USC Mobile App

The Mindful USC app is free, unlike all other meditation apps, and is also tailored to you and your USC experience and focuses on building a supporting community rather than isolating you on another mobile app and getting you to pay a monthly subscription..

With the Mindful USC app:

  • be the first to hear about mindfulness classes, retreats and events on campus
  • sign up for Mindful USC classes on the app
  • find practice groups on campus – the app will let you know where the closet practice group is
  • “Check-In” to get meditations tailored to your current mind and heart
  • use a meditation timer (choose nature sounds and singing bowls)
  • see if you are living by your core values
  • compete in USC mindfulness challenges
  • connect on our Wall of Gratitude
  • track your journey
  • listen to guided meditations (provided by Mindful USC teachers – mostly from InsightLA.org – who have taught mindfulness to hundreds of thousands of people, as well as Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg), that help you:
    • Manage Difficult Emotions
    • Calm Down When You’re Overwhelmed
    • SoundScapes that Connect You with Nature and Help You Calm Down
    • 2 Minute Meditations for quickly calming down
    • Concentrate Better
    • Cultivate Happiness
    • Help You Fall Asleep
    • Be Nicer to Yourself
    • Gain Resilience
    • Lower Performance Anxiety
    • Meditations in Spanish
    • and much more

Accept notifications when you install the app and you’ll be notified through the app when new classes are available, retreat registrations are launched and more.

You can find the Mindful USC app in the iTunes and Google Play stores – just search for Mindful USC

or use these links:

Any questions – contact us