What is a regular day like at a retreat?

The day will start at 9am. We will gather for meditation instructions followed by a silent morning of sitting and walking meditation, alternating. After lunch you will have free time to rest or hike. More instruction and sitting and walking practice will follow, as well as an opportunity to meet with a teacher in a group.

I’m new to mindfulness – can I still go to this retreat?

If you’ve never taken a class on mindfulness, we still invite you to this retreat. You will benefit if you come early and meet with one of the teachers who will explain the basics of mindfulness which you can then practice during the retreat.

I’m not sure I can handle the silence. Not talking for a whole day?

You will be surprised by how the supportive environment with other students and ongoing teacher guidance will enable you to sit for much longer periods. Most people discover that the silence turns out to be one of the best parts of a daylong retreat. Imagine a time truly for yourself, without having to perform, look a certain way, or interact with others. It’s a true respite from society’s norms. In silence we can go deeper into self-understanding and touch into our inner peace and joy. Of course if you need something, you are welcome to check in with a teacher . We are confident that anyone can complete a daylong retreat. It may be challenging, but it is doable and deeply rewarding.