About Mindful USC

Mindful USC is a service from the Provost’s Office with a mission to empower the USC community to make positive change in the world by building a culture of mindfulness and compassion.  It offers ongoing training, practice groups and special events throughout USC.

To be mindful is to be:


to know what is happening right now in the changing flow of experience


receptive and open to what is happening right now


to respond with self-compassion to whatever arises

A whirlwind of activity and information swirls ceaselessly at a global research university like ours. The opportunities for distraction are endless. In this sea of data and dense web of relationships, it is challenging to be fully present in our lives and in our work.

Mindfulness practices help us to be aware of ourselves in ways that lead to stress reduction and workplace happiness. They increase attentiveness in the classroom, deepen the quality of teaching and learning, and encourage creativity and innovation. They improve our ability to collaborate effectively and they enhance physical and mental wellness. And they help us to discover the universe at the university.