Mindful USC – For USC Alumni

Mindful USC – Online is an extension of our popular in-person mindfulness courses held on the USC main campus and the Health Sciences campus. We wanted to extend our classes to the USC alumni though a free online, on-demand program.

Mindfulness practice leads to reduced stress, reduced anxiety, less emotional reactivity and much more. You can read some of the research findings on mindfulness here.

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The way our online courses work is simple:

  • Register and then choose the course.
  • Choose the start date when you want to begin the course (today, tomorrow, next week or whenever).
  • Select a method (text or email) for contacting you when the course begins and for each course session.
  • Select a schedule for the course. It’s important to have a schedule with some time between each session so that you can practice the instructions. We provide a default schedule with each course session separated by one week, but you can change that to your preferences.

That’s all you need to do. Then watch for the notifications that will be sent to you which tell you that the next course session is available with a link to the course video, instructions, and guided meditations.

GO HERE TO START your online mindfulness class experience.