We provide tailored workshops and trainings on themes of mindfulness, and self-compassion.

Workshops are a great way to support faculty, staff, and students. We require a minimum of 15 people for any workshop.

Below are some of the workshops that we offer. Workshops range in length, so please contact us to discuss tailoring a workshop to your needs:​

MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSIONExperience an introduction to the practices of self-compassion.
AVOIDING BURNOUTDiscover your intentions, investigate the control illusion, develop patience and other factors that help avoid burnout.
AVOIDING ADVISOR BURNOUTExperience a new approach for preventing burn-out in caregivers of all types.
MINDFUL LISTENING AND PROBLEM SOLVINGLearn mindful listening skills and participate in a 5 step approach to solving practical problems using mindful listening.
MINDFUL WRITINGLearn the use of mindfulness within the context of creativity and writing.
MINDFUL CREATIVITYLearn the path to limitless creativity for application in whichever medium of expression you choose.