Date(s): Mar. 20 - Apr. 17
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Mondays)

**This class meets on Zoom**

One of the joys and challenges of a mindfulness practice is bringing it into our daily lives. Communication is a rich field for mindfulness practice, both internally and externally. How do we effectively communicate, especially in conflict situations, in a way that reflects the values and insights nurtured in the quiet of meditation? How do we stay connected to our intentions when our own reactivity is strong? How do we express the practice in active, socially engaged contexts? Exploring ways to engage with these questions will include practice periods and communication exercises as a way to inspire our own responses to these important questions.

Teacher Bio:

Maureen Shannon-Chapple, M.S., has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation since her teenage years. Her career as an educator has found its expression in programs that span classroom teaching, parenting courses, community college and university teaching. Nurturing responsive, empathetic community is central to her work.  A 2008 graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Community Dharma Leader Training, Maureen has led groups including InsightLA’s Family Program, mindfulness classes, and a weekly community practice group, which currently meets online. Maureen has co-led three iterations of InsightLA’s Facilitator Training Program. She teaches in the Mindful USC program, LMU’s Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change training and at other community sites. She is also one of the team of teachers anchoring the weekly Mindful of Whiteness: Anti-Racism Practices for White People at InsightLA.

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"Mindful Communication with Maureen Shannon-Chapple"
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