Date(s): Mar. 27 - Apr. 24
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Mondays)

**This is a Zoom class that takes place on Mondays from 12 pm to 1 pm**

In this 5-week mindfulness-based creativity class, we invite you to explore your personal potential for limitless creativity and deepening mindful awareness. The focus of this class is to empower our individual creative process through the use of mindfulness, supportive meditations, as well as other creative exercises.

This 50 minute class consists of meditation practice, discussion, creative exercises, and a bit of time for creative work. No meditation or mindfulness experience is necessary, nor is there a requirement for an identified artistic discipline. This class is great for creatives in the performance arts (actors, directors, writers, musicians, dancers), as well as visual artists and students looking to expand their creative thinking in business, design, optimization, and more.

We will highlight how to open the channels of creativity through mindfulness and other meditations while learning to overcome self-judgment and developing skills that change the way we think about creativity.

This class will engage and inspire while encouraging individuality and self-empowerment through mindful awareness.


Teacher bio:

Michael Krass

If I am passionate about one thing, it is helping people to know their own extraordinary power of the mind and the ability to choose the quality of the experience that they want out of life. Mindfulness, meditation, and awareness practices help us get there, but it’s the work that we do close to the heart, the brave leaps we take, that bring the most meaningful change.

My background in meditation spans 20 years, and my understanding has grown through many life experiences and numerous sits with teachers of various disciplines where I have developed my unique take to make mindfulness practical, meditation useful and relatively painless, and awareness a part of our new and personal improved operating system.

I teach at the University of Southern California as part of Mindful USC. At Mindful USC, I offer mindfulness instruction and created the programs Mindful Creativity and Mindful Photography for students, faculty, and staff. Around Los Angeles, I teach classes and have led groups at The Den, InsightLA, and La Maida Institute. I’ve also taught professional workshops in Copenhagen, Denmark and still maintain connections there and in the United Kingdom.

My upcoming book, Sitting Through: A Real-Life Approach to Surviving Heartbreak and Uncertainty Using Meditation, Mindfulness, and the Wisdom of Every Moment, focuses on how to use mindfulness and meditation in life’s toughest times and reflects my work with people to overcome anxiety, nurture a better relationship with themselves, and find peace within.

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"Mindful Creativity with Michael Krass"
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