Date(s): Sep. 12 - Oct. 10
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Wednesdays)

University Religious Center

Mindful Photography

We all know that we can take great photos thanks to the latest digital technology of phones and cameras. It is easy to snap off hundreds of pictures, edit a few, and then send them out to post. And photo technology keeps getting better and better.

But what happens when we add mindfulness, meditation, and awareness to our practice of taking photographs? Is it possible to actually use our deeper, inner vision to take images a different way while capturing ideas and emotional content through the medium of photography?

This 5-week class (1 hour each week) will go beyond the basics of photography into the insights of considering the eye of the camera, meditating on the image, and connecting to how we really feel about what we are capturing – and how we can deepen that inspiration using mindfulness and more. We will also look at how we find pictures, attune our senses to find different ways of looking at and photographing subjects, and stepping out of our normal comfort zone.

This is not a photography class, though you will be invited to take photographs, share them, and explore how mindfulness can change the way we look at our world. This class is for all students of all levels of meditation and photography. No experience is required.

Each class will include meditation and optional group sharing.

Location:  This class takes place in room 203 in the University Religious Center.

Teacher: Michael Krass is a long-time meditator and mindfulness practitioner who has coached artists in the USA and in Europe. Michael’s passion for using meditation and mindfulness to connect with our authentic, artistic selves (using whichever medium we choose) is at the heart of what he teaches.

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"Mindful Photography"
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