Date(s): Oct. 19 - Nov. 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Wednesdays)

**This is a Zoom class that takes place on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm**

Mindful Writing in One’s Profession or Field explores the use of mindfulness within the context of writing for one’s profession or field.

Led by Amy Spies, an experienced practitioner of mindfulness meditation as well as a professional writer/producer with writing credits in television, film and other media outlets, this group will explore the nuance of writing within one’s field (professional, science, or creative) from the deeply connected space of mindfulness.

  • The course will consist of:
  • Talks/Discussions About Mindfulness and Mindful Writing In One’s Field.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Practices.
  • Mindful Writing Exercises.
  • Optional sharing of Individual Written Work and Developing Projects.

Please note that this is NOT a formal writing class, but rather a journey into mindfully practicing self-expression in one’s work. The writing can be based in any field (professional, scientific, creative). There will be space to evolve our own writing—a safe place to explore one’s connection to the “muse.” We will compassionately build and support our emerging authentic writing voices. The practice of Mindful Writing in one’s field can lead to increased satisfaction, well-being, and productivity.


Teacher bio:

Amy Spies is a longtime writer and teacher in film, television, and new media. She has written documentaries, drama, comedy, as well as blogging for the Huffington Post and Los Angeles Review of Books. Amy is finishing her first novel. She is interested in writing about human rights, social justice, and the resilience of diverse individuals globally. She serves on diversity, human rights committees and as a writing awards judge for PEN International Literary Association and the Writers Guild. Amy studied under Trudy Goodman in Los Angeles and is a graduate of the InsightLA MBSR Teacher Training Practicum. Amy has attended mindfulness and psychology conferences, including at Harvard Medical School led by Thich Nhat Hanh. Amy graduated from Harvard University, where she studied psychology, literature, and film.

Check out Amy Spies on the Huffington Post with her article:

How to Break Through Writer’s Block… by Sitting Around Doing Nothing (Except Meditating!).

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"Mindful Writing in One’s Profession or Field with Amy Spies"
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